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Luxury Lavender Bath Fizzie


Experience the relaxing and skin-softening bath experience with the new Luxury Lavender Bath Fizzies! Comfort your spirit, indulge your senses and decrease stress with the amazing properties of 100% pure lavender essential oil and premium lavender buds, skin-loving shea butter and apricot kernel oil, and detoxifying and muscle-relaxing epsom salts. 

Just drop a fizzie in the warm water of your bathtub and enjoy the beautiful fragrance and relaxing bathtime!
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Posted Jun 5th 2017 by Rebecca F

love this bath bomb! makes the bathing so much more relaxing and smells soon good !

Posted May 19th 2017 by Samantha W

I love these fizzies! they are my favorite! cannot wait to try the other ones, I am sure they are just as awesome! thank yoU!

my favorite of all time
Posted Apr 29th 2017 by Violetta E

smell amazing and make me feel relaxed after a bath. love these. SATISFIED CUSTOMER!

Posted Apr 12th 2017 by Jessica E

awesome, awesome , awesome bath bombs! i tried many brands ( including lush) and these are my favorite! will be buying more

Truly amazing
Posted Apr 3rd 2017 by Anna W

This was a first proper bath fizzie I ever purchased and made for the best and most relaxing bath I've had in ages. Scent is wonderful and not at all overwhelming, and was present for duration of the bath. My skin felt amazing afterwards! Really good product!

Posted Jul 16th 2016 by Nina F

very nice bath fizzies. smell great and leave me smooth. yay for these bath bombs!

Posted Jun 14th 2016 by Yadira G.

love this bath fizzie! buy it as gifts to all my friends. they love it as well

Posted Jun 1st 2016 by Jessica V.

love this bath fizzie! smells great and looks wonderful to give as a gift or a favor

Beautiful Gift
Posted Apr 15th 2016 by Cassie K.

Bought it as a gift to mom, smells absolutely amazing and the packaging is very, very beautiful. Thank you!

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Luxury Lavender Bath Fizzie
Luxury Lavender Bath Fizzie
Luxury Lavender Bath Fizzie