Stop the sore throat on its tracks.

Feb 17th 2016

Feeling a little under the weather? Hurts to swallow, talk, eat, and exist in general? Try this miracle drink to get rid of sore throat and stop the cold on its tracks. You will need:Juiced 1 fresh lemonunpeeled and washed 3 inch piece of ginger, cut...
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Fight the signs of aging TODAY!

Feb 16th 2016

Problem 1: Dry, aging skin Ohh, the first wrinkles... Not to worry, white tea bags to the rescue! It is loaded with antioxidants and will fight the signs of aging on your skin . Just brew a cup of white tea over medium heat ( make sure it is not...
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Cleopatra's Ancient Beauty Secrets Natural Style

Feb 10th 2016

Known for her beauty and charm, Cleopatra rose to power and quickly became a living legend among the people and even to this day, most people know of the beautiful and fabled woman, who broke the hearts of the most powerful men in Ancient history. Wh...
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We are all about that hair today!

Jan 14th 2016

Try these awesome tips to help your locks stay healthy and full of life during the season of brittle and frizzy.Raw eggs come to the rescue for your locks . Use the entire egg to condition your hair but only eggs white for the oily set of hair. If tf...
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Beauty tip of the day!

Feb 15th 2014

Skin looking tired? Not happy with the way you look? IT IS TIME TO EXFOLIATE. Check out some of the face scrubs you can make at home and make it a Spa Day Sunday .Have sugar and olive oil at home ? Mix the 2 together and gently exfoliate your skin in...
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