The BEST and SIMPLEST DYI Cream with only 3 ingredients

Jul 12th 2016

So, here is a confession.... I love to make my own skincare products, especially lotion. The beauty about the whole process is YOU know exactly what is in YOUR skin cream. Ready to start? All you need is an electric mixer, shea butter, coconut oil, a...
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A Simple Essential Oil Hair Detangler

Apr 26th 2016

Try this simple natural DYI hair detangler, safe to use on yourself and your kids. No more tears while brushing the hair... All you need is:4 oz of distilled water2 tablespoon of grapeseed oil2 tablespoons of glycerin6-10 drops of lavender essen...
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Unwanted Facial Hair? No problem!

Apr 11th 2016

Oh Boy, do I know the hairy struggle! Ever since I can remember, I have tried all kinds of hair-removing products ( from creams to laser) to clean my face from the unwanted hair growth. And, many of them, have failed me miserably ( thanks mother natu...
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DYI Simple Laundry Stain Remover

Mar 28th 2016

Need to freshen up your spring clothes? Looking for a natural and eco-conscious way to take care of your attire without spending top dollar for it? Try this simple stain remover you can start using today to get a fresher, cleaner, and spring-like res...
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DYI Simple Homemade Stretch Mark Lotion

Mar 10th 2016

When I was pregnant with my daughter ( who's now 2 going on 13), I was looking for any way possible to prevent stretch marks . From store-bought brands ( which, by the way, did very little for me ) to multiple DYI projects, I finally got a peace of m...
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DYI 2 ingredient All-Natural Hair Gel

Feb 23rd 2016

Looking for a natural way to style your hair and tame your curls? Try this easy recipe to make your own, super inexpensive and awesome hair gel today in the comforts of your own home. All you need is ..... gelatin and some water. Yes, gelatin, my fri...
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