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 Hello and thank you so much for visiting us.  We are excited to see you here ! My name is Margarita and I am a co-owner of Golden-Sapphire, a manufacturer and distributor of handcrafted, exotic and natural skincare , designed with you and your loved ones in mind. Some quick facts about us:

  • -We are a mother-daughter team and love working together, making each product with care.
  • -All of our products have been tested by us and/or by friends/family, but never our pets. We love our animals and do not support animal testing in any form. We are very careful with whom we do our business and I personally research all of our suppliers to ensure that moral standards of our company are being practiced.
  • - We offer refills on most of our products, to save you money and preserve the beauty and health of our planet by reducing plastic waste.

I've always loved making my own skincare products. I loved them , my family loved them , my friends lived them , but I thought they were a little biased :) so last year , my mom ( who has a Ph D in chemistry and microbiology ) and I decided to open up an official business to share our products with our business family and they loved them too :) but the company is still a baby , we are working hard everyday . 

Our company came together for a sole purpose of spreading love, happiness and health to the people surrounding us. Searching for products on the diverse market is a very tidious task, which often leads to becoming dissapointed with the amount of chemicals and additives . We are here to help you simplify the process and personalize each of your orders to create products you will love.

Beauty is so much more than skin deep. We make our products with lots of love and good intention for each of our customers to feel and look better every time he/she uses it. You deserve the best and we are here to provide it for you. 
All of the products are handcrafted with you in mind. Not sure what's best for you? Message us and we will figure it out together.

Your health, well-being and satisfaction are our #1 priority! Most of the orders ship within 1-2 days , but customized orders can take a little bit longer . If there is anything we can do for you to make your experience a positive one, shoot me a message. If , for some reason, you were not completely satisfied with an item you ordered, please message me before leaving negative feedback, so we can make it up to you. 

Golden Sapphire products are safe for the environment, children, pets, and the rest of your family. Our goal is to have a minimal impact on the environment .


 Please contact us with any recommendations, products you want us to carry, or just for general comments. We appreciate the individuality of each of our customers and will love to hear from you.


Email: info@golden-sapphire.com


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